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Egg Tempera

The egg tempera medium is unique while still having many of the same underlying elements of other mediums. Like oils I especially like the process, but the tactile nature of the finished product is unlike any other medium. A completed and finely polished egg tempera painting has a finish that is somewhere between today's microfiber and silk with a slight hint of wax. To speed up building the required number of layers I use a technique of sponging the background pigment until a sufficient number of layers has been built to provide substance to the painting. Other tools such as stencilling and scraffito are often used to provide patterns and a rhythm to the painting. The Old Masters used all manner of tools to achieve desired results. Then I work with fine brushes for the remaining layers - often 200-300 or more.

Demo Egg Separation for Egg Tempera Painting

Demo of Painting in Egg Tempera

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